Legal assistance for companies

The evolution of the business world and the continuous changes in legislation make legal assistance to companies necessary in many areas. We deal with every aspect that could affect your business, always ready to respond to the needs of our clients and craft powerful solutions for them.

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As part of insolvency and liquidation procedures, we offer judicial and out-of-court assistance, to all types of financial distress. We deal with numerous upheavals and changes by advising and assisting distressed enterprises, their managers and shareholders in all their crisis situations. We assist clients in preventing difficulties in order to ensure the continuity of the enterprise.
We represent clients in every aspect of regulatory counseling, strategic permitting, litigation, legislative matters, rulemaking, criminal investigations, corporate crises, civil enforcement, contaminated site remediation and business transactions. Our reputation in environmental law has been built not only on our substantive experience, but also on our knowledge of our clients’ businesses and our ability to align our legal services with their business objectives.
We help employers navigate the constantly changing landscape of global and local laws and regulations that govern the workplace, with diligence and creative solutions. We deal with the management of employment relationship since its establishment; we assist companies in the stipulation of contracts up to the eventual conflictual phase. We protect the employer in court in case of injury on the work place or occupational disease; we manage the litigation in all its phases, even against the institutions (INAIL and INPS).
In a time of increased global business activity, virtually every significant commercial transaction, business strategy and marketplace activity implicates antitrust and competition laws in Europe or other jurisdictions. We offer qualified assistance in ensuring the compliance of corporate strategies with antitrust rules, at both national and international level. We provide advice on practices such as licensing and distribution agreements, business associations, joint ventures and other forms of cooperation between competitors.
Over the years, we have gained a consolidated experience in the field of privacy and the right to privacy. We assist our clients during the preparation and review of privacy policies and information, in order to interact with Data Protection Authorities. We provide targeted advice on the main aspects affected by Italian and European legislation on the protection of personal data, with particular regard to the problems related to the processing and circulation of data acquired and processed through the web.
We offer advice to legal and accounting professionals, with particular reference to those registered in the Register of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts and in the Register of Lawyers. We support accused and injured parties in matters of tax fraud, customs fraud and the application of money laundering legislation.
Our firm advises its clients on EU law and represents them in court litigation; moreover, we represent our clients during the litigation phase in front of the European Court of Justice. Our expertise also covers various other fields of EU law such as trade policy, public procurement, distribution, intellectual property. More in general, our assistance also relates to problematics on the functioning of the Internal Market – including the four fundamental freedoms (the free movement of goods, services, capital and freedom of establishment) with their national implications –   and on the enforcement of EU law in the Member States.
We have a consolidated experience in consulting on business contracts, both national and international. We provide legal assistance and advice in all phases of the contractual dynamics. We offer advice and support in respect of the incorporation and management of companies, liabilities of directors and conflicts between shareholders. We also give advice in drafting all types of commercial contracts (sales, renting, leasing, services, loans, guarantees, etc.).
We offer continuous and constant assistance to our clients at both national and international level, dealing with all issues related to company criminal law. Particular reference is given to criminal implications connected to criminal phenomena that occur during economic, commercial, industrial or professional activities. Our role is to bring these issues to the forefront, emphasizing the applicable rules, regulations and sanctions, which could apply in the event of any breach of law or existing rules. We are able to evaluate the risks that companies could face; we could also advises companies as to how to avoid those risks as well as criminal liability of the company, its management or its board members.

Legal assistance for individuals

We provide legal assistance to individuals in different fields of law. For those who are eligible for legal aid, we offer advice about the law and practical help with legal matters.

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We help our clients with all their divorce and family law needs. Whether through litigation, mediation, arbitration or the collaborative law process, we work tirelessly on behalf of them through difficult personal times. We offer counselling and legal assistance on matters of family, separation and divorce, civil unions, changes in conditions or filiations. Furthermore, we carry out assistance and consultancy in the drafting of wills, divisions, reduction actions and, in general, of litigation between heirs. For those entitled to, we offer assistance through the legal aid institute: so-called "Legal aid”.
We have a solid experience in providing legal advice and assistance in the application for Italian citizenship through Italian parents/ancestors. We offer assistance to those who want to obtain recognition of Italian citizenship as direct descendants of Italian citizens emigrated abroad: we offer assistance and advice at all stages of the procedure, from the document collection to the presentation of the summons in front of the competent Court.
We represent individuals and companies, providing defensive activities at all stages, states and degrees of criminal proceedings. We offer assistance during investigations and in court, at first instance, in front of the Ordinary Court and in proceedings before the Juvenile Court. We also provide assistance in front of the Corte d’Appello and the Corte di Cassazione. For those entitled to, we offer assistance through the legal aid institute: so-called "Legal aid”.
We have gained great experience in resolving disputes on the relationships between individuals. We place ourselves as guarantors of the regulation and protection of issues concerning the world of work but also of all civil matters. We provide assistance for the recognition and protection of workers' rights by tackling the issue of the qualification of employment relationships, including any anomalies. We also deal with the rights on the contract models, as in the case of the temporary employment contract. For those entitled to, we offer assistance through the legal aid institute: so-called "Legal aid”.
Our firm deal with contractual and non-contractual liability. We advise our clients on liability for personal injury, whether it be due to physical, economic or psychological damage or loss. We defend the right to obtain compensation, both patrimonial and non-patrimonial. We also offer advice on contracts and for those entitled to, we offer assistance through the legal aid institute: so-called "Legal aid”.
Without a proper succession plan, the property will be distributed in accordance to the law. We have gained great experience in matters of succession law given the close link between family law and succession law. We provide assistance both in matters of legal succession and testamentary succession, in court and out-of-court.
We offer high-specialised advice on property rights and real estate transactions. We assist Italian and foreign investors and builders to obtain administrative authorisations and in the post-building phase of sale and management of both commercial and residential properties.